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First post! Revel in its...creepiness.

Hey you,
Thought you might want these, so I decided mailing instead of tossing might be appreciated.
I recently found myself in a predicament. I don't make a promise and then not keep it, but years ago, we both made unrealistic promises out of innosense [sic]. We've both moved on and are very different people now. If not for the Code of Honor I'm swearing to soon, I wouldn't give it a second thought, but as it is...
Anyway, all prior promises are nullified. I have the God's [sic] on that.
Blessed Be
[name edited out to]
My honor is my life

Okay. Background: I broke up with this jackass about two years ago, when we were both eighteen. He's this insane Wiccan creep/attention whore who recently decided it was a good idea to move a couple hundred miles away, to a different state, to "start over." After quitting his job at a fast food restaurant he stops at my parents' house and talks at my dad for a long, long time and hands him an envelope.
....The contents of this envelope: a cafeteria napkin on which I had--jokingly--drawn up a contract selling him my soul a looong time ago, and some random pictures I'd given him that I have other copies of. Ugh. Creepy. SO CREEPY.

Isn't it creepy?

Anyway. That's my (first) contribution. Bye.

PS: He lasted about four days in this other state--gaining a job SELLING KNIVES DOOR-TO-DOOR in that time--before deciding that he needed to come home because people in Other State weren't paying him enough attention. Ungh.
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But at least you have Rumsfeld to chase those blues away.
And he does. As only he and his mighty fist can. (Man, it's odd to receive "comments" from you when you're only a couple rooms away.)