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No Thanks for the Memories

(No, really. Go away.)

"...a needle in a stack of needles."
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December 4, 2003: Please consider making your community posts friends-only. Thanks.

NEW! November 26, 2003: SeXXXy community userpic by the winsome, lissome, hotsome Queen of All that is Icons sometimes known as bloodroses27. Worship her...do it now.

Edit, October 1 2003: breaking up with a member of imnotbitter over AOL FUCKING INSTANT MESSENGER is now considered grounds for expulsion from the community.

Have a hilarious love letter/e-mail/instant messager "conversation"/declaration-of-undying-love-carved-into-someone's-bare-chest you desperately need to share with a bunch of voyeuristic pree-verts on LiveJournal?

Of course you do. (Also welcome: bad sentimental art, anecdotes concerning inappropriate public declarations of one's feelings, links to angsty--public--LiveJournal posts, heartless gossip, and anything else richly deserving of our heartfelt contempt.)

Please edit out names and POST AWAY!

Vengeance is fun for children of all ages. So join, even if you don't have anything to post--yet. We welcome (nay, encourage) lurking.

Maintained by poisonflowers and her trusty (lusty) sidekick caviling specifically for your enjoyment. So enjoy already.