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First post! Revel in its...creepiness.

Hey you,
Thought you might want these, so I decided mailing instead of tossing might be appreciated.
I recently found myself in a predicament. I don't make a promise and then not keep it, but years ago, we both made unrealistic promises out of innosense [sic]. We've both moved on and are very different people now. If not for the Code of Honor I'm swearing to soon, I wouldn't give it a second thought, but as it is...
Anyway, all prior promises are nullified. I have the God's [sic] on that.
Blessed Be
[name edited out to]
My honor is my life

Okay. Background: I broke up with this jackass about two years ago, when we were both eighteen. He's this insane Wiccan creep/attention whore who recently decided it was a good idea to move a couple hundred miles away, to a different state, to "start over." After quitting his job at a fast food restaurant he stops at my parents' house and talks at my dad for a long, long time and hands him an envelope.
....The contents of this envelope: a cafeteria napkin on which I had--jokingly--drawn up a contract selling him my soul a looong time ago, and some random pictures I'd given him that I have other copies of. Ugh. Creepy. SO CREEPY.

Isn't it creepy?

Anyway. That's my (first) contribution. Bye.

PS: He lasted about four days in this other state--gaining a job SELLING KNIVES DOOR-TO-DOOR in that time--before deciding that he needed to come home because people in Other State weren't paying him enough attention. Ungh.
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