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Oh this was a riot...

A few of you already know the story behind this but I don't think you got the full pleasure of the whole absurdity of this note. For background this was given to me by a 30 year old whom I'd been dating (shut up!) for a few months. I'd finally come to my senses and dumped his old ass, politley of course, and recieved this in return a day later. Please note that all gramatical mistakes are original. Enjoy:

"I have some of the craziest fealings about you. Almost like the thoughts one might have in a dream. I hope you find taht maybe we came hear to meet each other. the way we conected, is like finding a needle in a stack of needles. It could have been some sort of devine intervention, from the heavens. I'm happy when your around me, and I think I could be in love with you. But I'm not sure, because I don't know what love is. I'm not sure if any one really dose anyways. I do know one thing you are one of my best friend, even though we have only know each other for a short amount of time. I hope you find that I struck a special cord in your heart. I hope this dose not scare you away, I just want you the know the the truth about how I fell about you. the only thing I am sure of is that we both have strange fellings for each other, and I hope we will find each other in the same way we came together during the first months in alaska. I fell for you, and I'm happy that I did your one of the most beautiful girls I have ever meet. I have only meet one person like you and I lost that one, because I said nothing about how I felt and I don't want that to happen to you and I. I write this to let you know how I fell about you."

How's that for a spectacular piece of writing? Dear lord what was I thinking. And then two days later the asshole started dating a "new girl" in camp. Dumb ass.
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