pretty shitty (ghostofchance) wrote in imnotbitter,
pretty shitty

oh poooh!

i just dropped everything he gave me on his door step this morning on my way to work, letters and all
i'd have kept them if i'd found this clever community sooner!


i'm sure he'll re-use them on the next jane (he believes in recycling. he's eco-friendly)
and maybe they'll resurface here one day!
meanwhile i'll try to russell up some grub from home, cuz i got some doooozies!
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Yay! A new member! Hehe, welcome.
Man. I feel your pain. I've been tearing up my old room trying to find my creepy, creepy high school boyfriend's creepy, creepy letters because WOW are they scarily no avail. I fear I destroyed them.

Best of luck finding doozies!